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My social group – basketball team

This paper is about my social group, basketball team. It will be analyzed with different concepts in the following. To begin, I will mention background information. Then, I will describe the cohesiveness of our team with group size, initiations, cognitive dissonance and time. Lastly, I will explain why I do not exit the group with three structural factors, group permeability, status stability and legitimacy.

My team has established in 2000 and I joined it in 2002. It recruits members at their age of twelve to fourteen normally. It has about twenty five members at its peak in 2008 and now there are about fifteen members in the team.

The fifteen of us compare to the peak time, twenty five members, has a higher level of cohesiveness. Cohesion means a dynamic process which is reflected in part by the extent of a group to tie together with unity to pursue its instrumental objectives and for the gratification of member affective needs (Carron & Brawley, 2000). Reflection of the definition shows there is task-oriented and socially oriented basis for the function and unity of group (Carron, Widmeyer, & Brawley, 1985). Our team is cohesive to work out together to achieve goals. We like each other like close friends, gaining individual enjoyment which makes us cohesive.

Cohesion can be divided into different levels like high and low, how do we define the intensity of cohesion? The first aspect, group size, when more people join the group, the number of group member increases, and intensity of cohesiveness decreases, vice versa. Group size cannot determine the cohesiveness independently, initiation policies is needed, which are requirements in official or unofficial ways that must be attained by a person to become an insider of a group. The difficulties of the requirements increases, the intensity of cohesiveness increases, vice versa. The above causes are only external factors, internal factor is indispensable. Cognitive...
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