Group Dynamics- Sehar

Topics: Police, Crime, Uttar Pradesh Pages: 6 (1946 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Sehar is an Indian Hindi language action crime drama film directed by Kabeer Kaushik. Based on real-life incidents and individuals, the film depicts organized crime in the late '90s in Uttar Pradesh and how the State Police worked to tackle it. It shows the turbulent journey of a newly appointed 31-year old SSP of Lucknow Ajay Kumar instrumental in bringing together a group of committed police officers under the aegis of Special Task Force (STF). At the tender age of 8, Ajay Kumar is traumatized with the death of his army officer dad, who kills himself with his service revolver as he was being accused of being a deserter, leaving a widowed Prabha to bring up Ajay on her own. She inspires and motivates him to do the right thing. Ajay grows up, studies, and successfully becomes an IPS officer with the title of SSP. Due to his honesty; he gets transferred to various states in India. At this new posting in (Lucknow) Uttar Pradesh, he comes to terms with criminal don and ruthless killer Gajraj Singh. Ajay would like a set up a Special Task Force to deal with Gajraj; however, he does run into problems as Gajraj is politically well-connected. Ajay tries to crack down on the UP mafia, but more often than not is betrayed by information-leaking local police officials. After murder of Mr. Hari Prasad Chaursia, who is a close friend of the state Chief Minister's, and kidnap of son of H.P. Chaursia by Gajraj, the way was paved for the formation of the STF, consisting of about 8 honest and dedicated men (consisting Saiyad, Solanki, Baidyanath, Mishra, Yadav, Makbul). The group was successful in its first operation and the child was rescued. The force, bequeathed with a single agenda, succeeds in challenging the might of organized crime in Uttar Pradesh, and in the process, what unfolds is the ever-changing dynamics of Uttar Pradesh's Siyaasat: railway contracts, ISI involvement, politician-Mafia-police-builder nexus, pro-activism of criminal gangs, sophisticated yet rigid red tape and criminalization of University students. Gajraj continues to elude the STF, using more modern technology such as the use of cell phones. The STF takes help from a Physics professor Tiwari, who helps them track down cell-phone conversations, and thereby the location of the criminals. The STF then makes headway in combating crime across the state, but is still unable to get Gajraj. In the dirty world of politics, the Opposition leader of the state plays a trick and asks Gajraj to stand in election. The motive was that Gajraj will keep supporting him and after being elected, no police officer of any rank, leave alone the STF, would dare to arrest or bring charges against Gajraj. The STF would turn into mere paper tigers then. But after the death of Baidyanath being orchestrated by Gajraj’s men, STF started to counter the crime lords with increased vigour. They were emotionally charged at the death of their colleagues and took rapid strides in intelligence gathering of the crime doers. Frequent encounters took place in this period of time. The final attempt to get Gajraj is the climax of the film.

Formation of Group
The group that comes to the foreplay in the movie is named Special Task Force (STF). This group was specially form to combat the growing the menace of organized crime in the Uttar Pradesh region. The futility and disloyalty of the state police and the bureaucracy in the government provided the crime lords to have a complete free way in the state. Crime rate increased to drastic levels. The Lucknow Police, headed by SSP Ajay Kumar was a group of honest police officers ready to make a difference to the society. Though, they had the motivation to implement law and order in the state, but it was rendered useless as the criminals were way too organized, their domain was across the length and breadth of the state which was not under the jurisdiction of Lucknow Police and they also had sufficient political backing. SSP Ajay Kumar, after...
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