Group Dynamics in Psychology

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Group Dynamics in Psychology


          Social- In my social group, it is clear that we are a collection of individuals guided by roles and  norms.  We, as friends, clearly influence each other, satisfy personal needs through   association, and could be classified as a unit due to our common relation and degree of similiarity.  I also notice a great degree of interdependence.  That is, evnts affecting one Work- Contrastingly, in my work group, I don't find as much similarity and personal need fulfillment.  In this group, I observe a greater emphasis on goal achievement.  At work,  we achieve goals that we would otherwise be unable to accomplish individually.  I also  recognize a sense of interdependence as we are all affected by changes involving any single employee. 

    a) Positive Interdependence    Social: In my social group for example, we often help one      another such that we are able to accomplish group
goals and wants.  I remember one incident in  high school wherein one of "our" friends had to paint his outside decking before he was able to do anything of leisure.  Because we had made  group plans, we all went over and helped with the painting.  Had we not helped, we would not have achieved the  group experience that we all wanted. Work: Because my work group is more goal oriented, positive interdependence plays a greater role in thiscontext.  For example, at work we all have differenttasks that we must accomplish.  I usually work the  sales floor, write up sales and oversee operations while the other guys might be out delivering merchandise or unloading shipments from our distributers.  We are all interdependent upon one another such that we are able to run a successful business.  Our personal responsibilities exist only when all individuals accomplish theirgiven tasks.

Individual Accountability/    Social: Often times we, as a social group, make group plans.     Personal Responsibility.  For example, we recently planned a road trip during     Spring Break and each of us took a role in theplanning.  We each had a different job so to speak. One would map out the trip.  Another would gather  recreational information about our specific stops   Another would locate motels at the stopping points and so on.  From time to time we all shared  our findings.  We were held accountable  by thegroup for our respective jobs.  This accountability, I believe, increased each member's sense of responsibility. The ought factor was at work here.

  Work: As previously mentioned, at work, we all have our specific jobs as delegated by our boss.  In this forum the structure is much more formal. We are held accountable, minute by minute, for the successful completion of our specific tasks.  Again, this in turn increases personal responsibility as we are constantly  being evaluated. It is interesting to notice the increased tension in this environment, as the consequences for not carrying out one's taskssuccessfully are far more extreme than the peer pressure that might exist within a social group.

    c) Promotive (Face-to Face)            Social: Many times in the social realm, encouragement and                   Interaction  positive feedback are necessary to complete goals.  For  example, as  previously mentioned we as a group are planning a road trip during Spring BreakOften times when someone is neglecting their particular responsibilities I will encourage them    and attempt to facilitate their task completion.  It may be something as small as reminding them of great time that lies ahead but nevertheless, encouraging as it promotes the completion of the group goal. Work:  At work, many times when it is just "us" there, that is, all the guys without the boss, accomplishing the group tasks become difficult.  After all, we lack the pressure there that normally drives us.  It is ironic that these are usually the days when we seem                         ...
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