Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics

Within this essay I will reflect upon a specific issue of group dynamics that was experienced during a group exercise. Gibbs (1988) reflective model (Jasper, 2003. p.77) will be used to reflect upon the issue effectively and to set out the structure of reflection. Confidentiality and the GSCC code of practice will be kept to and maintained throughout this essay. The names of the people within the issues explained will be made up due to confidentiality. Group dynamics is that field which studies the behaviour of individuals in small groups, such as decision making groups, T-groups, friendships, work groups and so forth. (Hoggs & Abrams ,1990 p.95)

After getting into groups of around six, a trigger was given in which we had to look at the psycho social aspects around that trigger. With the information collected and researched a presentation was made in which we would present our findings to the class. Before we had done the presentation there was problems with one group member, Mary, who was not participating as much as others. The main issue that affected the group was that on the day she did not show up. As the information which was given to us from this person was very limited this affected the group as well as the presentation. The group then had to try and present the work on which we had not researched and knew little about. This became difficult as it was hard to talk about something that we had little knowledge on. As a result of this one of the group members had to read out the limited information off the board which made the audience become uninterested and made it appear as if we had not done the proper research. My part in this presentation was to put everyone’s research and work together in an order which made it fit as well as keep people interested. As a result on the day the group worked together to keep the information that Mary had given short and also try and fit it in with the other topics researched. Half...
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