Group Counseling Self Analysis

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Culturally, being of the African American race we do not attend counseling. The African American culture seek guidance through our families, God and in the Church. Moreover, I am an introvert, so this group process was going to be challenging for me. I am socially selective and have a hard time opening up to people. However, I can help anyone with their issues and feel comfortable in that moment. Counseling has always been one of my passion. I do not feel that my selective and private personality will hinder me from being an awesome counselor.
During my group counseling class, the instructor divided the class in half and provided us with a group scenario. The scenario entailed us being lost in New York around 3:00 am, no cellular services,
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During this time our group facilitator contacted each member and set up the interview process. This process is known as the pre-interview before the group begins. He was very flexible we our schedules by allowing in person or phone interviews. I completed the phone interview. I remember wondering about the questions that would be include and if I would have the correct responses. The interview involves discussing the goals that I wanted to accomplish within the 10 – week period. My goal was to be able to approach an individual and start a conversation. After the interview, I felt more resistant to sharing my personal information. With that in mind, I remember the professional saying that you will not get anything out of group if you do not participate. I want to see my growth potential and see what it would feel like to open up to individuals that are in the counseling field. Moreover, knowing that these individuals were taught to be non-judgmental, genuine, and empathy, allowed be to feel safe in that environment. My expectation going into group was that I would keep an open mind. I vowed to only share when I felt …show more content…
The group session start out with the guy in the group discussing his feels about thinking there was always something different about himself. He talked about his family dynamics and how he always felt he was very hyper. He also states his friend would tell him that he talked too much. This individual starting expressing his interested in a study that he had an opportunity to participate in and monetary funds. He was excited about this potential discovery of what he had expected most of his life. This was an ADD/ADHD study that he did not quality for but was prescribed the medication. He also was given the exam to receive the diagnosis of being ADD/ ADHD. He received that diagnosis of ADHD that he felt like he had all along. He further stated that the dosage was causing him to have highs and lows. He was also have trouble determining the dosage and the best time to take the medication. After the discussion of this study, one of the group members was cringing in her sit. She began to take about her children who also had the same diagnosis and their experience with regulating the medication. She expressed ways in which he should consume the medication. Then one of the member aggressive stated that he should see a medical doctor in order to receive the proper dosage. She also began to disclose, her experience with regulating different medication dosages, which led to a mental breakdown. I used the word aggressive loosely because

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