Group Communications

Topics: Nonviolent Communication, Active listening, Communication Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: September 27, 2014
CheckPoint: Group Communication
From a business aspect, group communication is an essential part of business that involves multiple people collaborating on a specific assignment, aimed at achieving a certain goal. Individual communication is different as it generally includes two people working together to complete a project or projects. In group communication, all members have individual responsibilities and each one is assigned to a particular task. It is possible to elect a leader who may do the bulk of the discussion; but most group members will also have the opportunity to extend their ideas and opinions. A re-occurring problem with this form of communication is that a single member of the group might be a weaker communicator, which can hold back the group. In order for the group to achieve success, everyone must come together as a team and assist each other in any possible way. As we all know, not everyone writes proficiently, so it is best to assign a different task where other members can step up. Leaders will plan out the project, understand what the project entitles and know when it needs to be accomplished. Time management is vital to projects because we live in such a competitive world and deadlines must be met. Meeting these deadlines, guarantees integrity and reputation for any organization as well improving the group’s overall job performance. Working in groups can cause conflict. In order to achieve success one must develop strategies that adhere to conflicts. Sometimes people are under so much pressure, they may become frustrated or they may appear to be having a bad day and start yelling. To resolve this keep the line of communication open and ask them if they need something or is there anything I can do, and repair negative feelings. If people’s feelings have been hurt, the group needs to deal with those feelings to resolve constructively. There several steps in conflict resolution; make sure the people involved really disagree, check to see...
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