Group Communication Memo

Topics: Time, Sociology, Group dynamics Pages: 3 (1280 words) Published: February 9, 2013
To:New Group Manager
From:Acting Group Management Team
Date:February 2, 2013
Re:Strategies for group communication

Hello Mr. Doe,
The current management team has prepared this memo to assist you in your new position with the company. We understand that you have limited experience in group formation and communication, and these skills will prove vital in your new position. We would like to share some fundamental information on group learning and communication along with experiences we have encountered collectively. Combine this information with your own group learning experiences and you will increase your success with the organization. In our organization we work with others in teams to complete tasks and solve issues that might arise. On occasion it will be necessary to ask people to be part of the group or to form a new group to address topics and issues. This will help you in understanding how teams come together and work as one unit. When people are asked to form a group, the first stage they experience is the forming stage. In this stage people come together and expectations and the purpose of the group is clouded in uncertainty. No one is really considered the leader of the group at this point. Behavior is greatly observed between team members to determine what is acceptable. This stage will be relatively short because soon the group will begin to function and devise ideas and suggestion for attacking the problem or task. Storming is the next stage the team will experience. This stage does cause some conflict within the team because there is no real chosen leader. In this stage the members of the team will accept the group and start to function within the team. However, the members of the team will show some resistance because groups or teams limit individuality and require unity to work efficiently. Within a short period of time there will be a leadership established with in the group and the members of the team will...
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