Group Behavior

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Group Behavior
In our society today, there is a definitely a lot of categorizing of people going on. Group behavior is one of the larger categories. Many people, especially young people, are left out of many things. Those who have friends and participate in activities feel like they cannot be themselves. Then you have those people who make everyone else feel badly about who they are. Everyone needs to stop being so judgmental of others and accept people for who they are. We all remember the kids at school who were always chosen on the playground. Maybe a few of us were one of those kids. This sort of thing doesn’t just happen between children. Coaches and Teachers do those things all the time. Two people may have the same skills, but the one who has the family with money to support the school or with the notable last name will be given the position. It is no hard to see why many people have self-esteem issues. Many people with friends still find it hard to be themselves. They fear that they will not be accepted or that they will be looked down upon. Many people feel that to befriends two people have to be the exact same. This is simply not true. Generally speaking, two people with identical personalities will most likely clash. People need to realize that being different is not a bad thing. In life, there are bullies everywhere that we go, ranging from school to the workplace and everywhere in between. These types of people try to make themselves feel better by putting other people down. Perhaps they don’t realize what this does to other people, or maybe they just don’t care. Usually these types of people have self-esteem or self-image issues that they need to take care of themselves. However, there are different and better ways to deal with their own issues. No person has the right to belittle another person in any way. To conclude, everyone should think about the way that they treat other people. They cannot change the things that they have done or...
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