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Group Assignment
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation

Module Name: Introduction to Services Management
Intake Code: UC1F1404
Lecturer: Dr Puvaneswaran A/L Kunasekaran
Hand out Date: 22nd May 2014 Hand In Date: 25th July 2014

Group Members:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2
Key Activities & Implementation of CIMB Bank4
Product Elements4
Place and Time5
Price (Rates and Charges)5
Physical Environment7
Product of Quality7
Group Task Report10


CIMB group is recognized as a well trusted fifth largest ASEAN universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It is known as one of the largest Islamic banks worldwide and largest Asia Pacific based investment bank. CIMB group has over 40,000 staff in 17 different locations globally. (, 2014) Total assets of CIMB bank are RM321.8 billion. (Bursa Malaysia, CIMB Group Quarterly Report for Financial Period Ended 30 Sept 2012, 2012)

Mission of CIMB is to provide universal banking services as a high performing, institutionalized and integrated company. And their values include high performance, integrity and enabling people to lead a better and secure life. (CIMB Group, 2014) CIMB group is purely an Islamic bank and its directors don’t get any extra benefits of their position. According to CIMB Malaysia annual report 2012, it is stated “Since the end of the previous financial year, no Director of the Bank has received or become entitled to receive any benefit (other than the benefits included in the aggregate amount of emoluments received or due and receivable by Directors shown in Note 41 to the Financial Statements or the fixed salary as a full time employee of the Bank)” (Reports and Financial Statements for the financial year ended 31 December 2012, 2012).

CIMB's quest to be a leading bank has resulted in a diverse portfolio in their goals and objectives. It provides, corporate advisory, corporate finance, equity markets, debt markets, research, private equity, real estate, investment management, fund management as well as wealth management and private banking services. The main objective of CIMB bank is to provide customer costs effective solutions for the effective management in order to offer online banking as well as insurance products and services in asset management. However, the customer services are the main satisfaction for Climb bank as well as CIMB bank to get the product and services feedback from customer. It helps the organization to improve their weaknesses and many functions which useful for the company as well as the customer. For example, electronic paying bill services will allow a depositor and request to send money from online account to a creditor such as to a public utility or directly to a department store. These services are intangible and have a value places on them based on the time and demand. By having online banking the costumers do not need to stand in a long line to do the transaction of paying the bills and no need for the worker to stay up 24 hours per weeks to handle the transactions of the costumer. In the other hand, the effectives management is the objective to develop and coordinate by recommend the relation in order to identify the development plans as well as to promote the new technologies of existing grids. There are also some keys area of work which has provided for effectives management to promote the information or exchange regarding the European experiences of management issues as well as to identify the opportunities and risks associated with the new technology in order to benchmarking and reviewing the current experiences on the management also including the comparison and permitting procedures as well as the environmental requirements. (entose, 2014)

Product Elements
CIMB bank has numerous products that its...

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Reports and Financial Statements for the financial year ended 31 December 2012. (2012). Malaysia: CIMB bank, p.8
Group Task Report
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