Group 37 Project Management

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The Charity2
The Project2
Project Life Cycle2
Project Scope Statement4
Marketing Plan4
Stakeholder Analysis6
The Event7
Work Breakdown Structure7
Gantt Charts7
Financial Breakdown7
Risk Management9
1.Project Scope Statement10
2.Stakeholder Analysis11
3.Work Breakdown Structure13
4.Financial Breakdown Tables14
5.Risk Management15
5.1 Risk Log15
5.2Impact Probability Chart16
6.Diary of Activities17
7.Belbins Team Roles21

The Charity

The chosen charity for the Fundraising Event is Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH). Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is located in London, works to treat sick children and research’s new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses. GOSH, founded by Dr Charles West, first opened in 1852 and has since become the world’s leading children’s hospital, (Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity). The event will be themed Disney due to the Walt Disney Company sponsoring the event £10,000. The Project

The purpose of this report is to present the project planning of a themed Charity Fundraising event organised by Project management Ltd, aimed at children and parents on Saturday 23rd August 2014. The objectives of this event are to raise an additional £10,000 and to create a minimum profit of £20,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital with the help of volunteers and local families. The Project Plan defines the following: project goal and objectives, project budget, scope statement, marketing plan that explains how we will raise the £10,000, roles of team members, assumptions and constraints, project life cycle, Work Breakdown Structure, stakeholders analysis, Gantt charts , full financial cost breakdown and a project risk register. Moreover, the plan will serve as an agreement between the following parties: Project Sponsors, Project Manager, Project Team members and other personnel associated or affected by the project. Project Life Cycle

The project life cycle can be defined as a concept which depends on a logical sequence of activities to achieve project goals and objectives. Due to the complexity and diversity of a project, a well-structured product life cycle can help to manage and control the project process better and reduce project risk (Humaidi, 2012). Therefore, a right methodology chosen in PLC is important. In this project, we chose Maylor’s 4-D models (2010) to manage the project process. This model divides the project process into four phases which contains “define it”, “design it”, “do it” and “develop it” Phase 1: Define it

Peter W.G. Morris, the professor of project management of UCL, stated that if the life cycle is viewed from the clients or investors’ perspective, phase one is one of the phases that clients most worry about. They will concentrate on whether the project meets their needs and requests. If not, then the activities of next phases will waste time (Wideman, 2004). This phase requires us to define quality objectives for the project at the start of the project. Therefore, we provided an objective which contains the date of event, location, and the aim and purpose of charity event. In addition, it is important to identify the success and failure of external and internal stakeholders, and consider the nature of the power or effect of those stakeholders on the project and the selling point or influence of the project on those stakeholders. For managing stakeholders, we created a stakeholder’s analysis and communication mapping table to recognize the effects of external stakeholders (people outside the project team) and internal stakeholders (team members), and come up with specific communication methods for each stakeholder. This phase also requires an initial planning which includes constraints, assumptions, selection and strategic plan. Therefore, we provided an initial planning for clients to let them know the...

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