Groundhog Day

Topics: Virtue, Patience, Humility Pages: 3 (1251 words) Published: December 17, 2013
1. There are many virtues in life that one may have. Virtues are characteristics we have that according to Aristotle help us lead the good life. Among these many virtues is generosity. Being generous can help us lead a virtuous life, thus a good one. However what is generosity? Generosity is a virtue but what makes somebody generous? First, we need to understand the most basic part of being generous, and that is the act of giving. In order to be virtuous, one must act, and in this case by giving. Giving to those in need may be seen as virtuous. By helping those in need and giving to them we may accomplish a better life. However, further thinking leads us to understand that giving in itself is not enough. We need to be able to know how to give just the right amount. By giving either too much or not enough we cannot be virtuous. When a person gives too much, one cannot help the other person. The person in need may become dependent on the person who is giving and receiver will not learn to benefit from the generosity. On the other hand, not giving enough is stinginess. It shows the lack of character and can be seen as selfish. Obviously by not giving enough or giving too much, one cannot accomplish the true goal of giving, which is to help others. In conclusion, generosity is one of life’s many virtues and it is seen as the act of giving. We know that the act of giving has to be done in just the right amount in order to be virtuous and have a fulfilling life. 2. Throughout the movie, Phil learns to become virtuous. We know that Phil is being virtuous through many things and one of them is generosity. After his suicide attempts, Phil takes on a new life and becomes a different person. He becomes more generous. In my opinion, Phil becomes generous in many ways and they may be both physical or not. One of the first examples of generosity in the movie is when he chats with the man in the hotel. Phil used to ignore the man and not pay attention to what the man...
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