Ground Drilling Fluid Circulation System Equipment Improvements

Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: September 29, 2014
1. Drilling sand pump (centrifugal) in solid control system, drilling sand pump is used for the drilling desander , desilter, mud cleaners and other equipment for the material, transport medium containing solid-phase cycle drilling fluid. Existing drilling sand pump seal with a simple mechanical seals, resulting in fluid sand pump bearings (sealed) string into the drilling fluid within the normally rather fluid contains large amounts of solid particles. Thus making mud pump bearings quickly damage, causing many to give up drilling drilling crew desander with desilter etc. Use only shale shaker, a serious deterioration of the drilling conditions.

To do this, you should use good sealing effect, long life new drilling sand pump seal structure to extend the service life of sand pump, better play drilling solids control equipment efficiency, improve drilling efficiency.

2. Drilling pump drilling pump drilling system is the most important hydraulic devices. However, the existing drilling pump significantly larger, emphasis, and the pump piston and cylinder wear is very serious, is the main pump wearing parts.

The reason, mainly for two reasons:

First, the structural design of drilling pump is mainly imitation, not using modern design methods, resulting in drilling pump structure is significantly larger.

Second, drilling fluid solid content ones, especially in the drilling fluid barite cause the pump piston-cylinder friction pair badly worn mainly.

3. Water-sealed cyclonic separation apparatus during drilling, desander, desilter and miniature cyclone (collectively Water cyclone) bear Grit, in addition to mud, reducing the task of drilling fluid content of the solid phase, its separation effect on drilling ROP was significant. Currently used hydrocyclone pressure flushing ports are open (direct discharge), known as open hydrocyclone. The hydrocyclone separation affected by the...
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