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Topics: Supermarket, Kroger, Marketing Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 7, 2008
Visit a supermarket and write a one page summary addressing the following areas: Go to an 8-foot section on any aisle and make note of 4 products. For each product, answer the following questions in your paper. 1.Do you feel that the placement /positioning on the shelf for the product is ideal? Why or why not? Part of this question, I have visited the King Soopers at Highlands Ranch. I visited three aisles where Sauce, Salsa, Soups and Cereals. King Soopers stores aisles divided into smaller sections or departments to more effectively to control and track their revenues and expenses. The store has got different aisles which include grocery, pharmacy, meat, dairy products, frozen products, food, and vegetables. King sooper sold the spaces to the product companies based on each location to different companies. Price for this space is determined by location in the store and level on the shelf. Any product placed at eye level will cost more. Branded items and Kroger label items are placed together and increased market share on Kroger brands. All branded products occupied top two shelves in eye catching area with higher price. Next to the branded products, King Soopers placed Kroger brand which is lesser than the branded items. King Sooper used the concept which includes Product placement, Product mix, Promotion, Pricing and People (employees). 2. What do you feel are the considerations that a store manager/product buyer for the supermarket must consider when deciding whether or not to continuous keeping the production the shelf and in the distribution center (e.g. sales, profit etc)? I looked at following aisles which consists for salsa, sauce, soups, and cereals. First we will take an example on cereals. New Cereals are displayed at middle shelf where kids can sit in shopping cart and watch. The store manager should keep the inventory fulfilled and customer should get satisfied with the service from time in to time out from the store. Store...
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