Grizzly Man

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The Grizzly Files: Fact or Fiction?
Grizzly Man was a disturbing, yet intriguingly interesting, movie about a man and his undying love and affection with nature. Timothy Treadwell spent thirteen summers living amongst wild grizzly bears in Alaska with the intention of providing protection against potential dangers that could cause harm. Treadwell thought of himself has as a kind warrior to these bears and recorded over hundreds of hours of footage showing these bears in their natural habitat. He was a guest speaker at schools and a hero amongst children. He became a self-created, national celebrity.
To me, Grizzly Man appears as a cheap and cruel way for a director to make money. Treadwell had his obstacles in life and he considered himself saved by the grizzly bears. He was a poor man who risked everything to be where he truly felt at peace with himself. He had his issues, but he wasn’t going out of his way to make sure the whole world knew either. People are entertained by other’s imperfections. Treadwell was a celebrity, and celebrities’ imperfections are easily manipulated. The director saw a man who intentionally put his life at risk, only to be eaten alive, and got exactly what he deserved.
After researching, maybe Herzog’s intentions weren’t so harsh, but the way he combined footage and the interviews came across as disrespectful towards Treadwell. The film depicts a man whose pure and treacherous passion for the bears leads him to the break of insanity. Herzog’s sensibly combines the footage to show the world Treadwell’s genuine, insane passion and uses that as a basis for the entire film. Herzog didn’t waste any time by telling us that Treadwell was eaten alive by a bear and maybe that’s because he wants us to focus on a bigger picture (citation). Anyone who knew Treadwell said that if he was going to die, he wanted to die with the bears. Treadwell said he would never kill a bear, even if it was a threat to his own life, he would never intentionally

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