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Legitimate grievances
They occur when there is a reasonable cause to think that there has been a contract violation. Imagined grievances
Imagined grievance is a complaint without merit.
Political grievances
they are most common before contract negotiations, union elections, and in situations when the employer and employees have strained relationships

IMPORTANCE OF HAVING AN EFFECTIVE GRIEVANCE HANDLING PROCEDURE * To enhance the productivity and quality of work
* Improve morale and the motivation of the employee
* To establish quality HRM practice
* To identify hot spots
* To positively develop the image of the company
* To improve human and industrial relations
* To prevent accident and safety
* To improve communication
* To reduce staff turn over
* To avoid frustration

Grievance Handling” an Important function of HR

* Although it may not be possible to eliminate grievances altogether from an organization, they could be reduced & a conducive environment for the improvement of a healthy employer employee relationship * Grievance handling is an important component in Human Resource Management * Problems are often aggravated in most organizations as a result of ineffective grievance handling. * The managers from the supervisory level to the senior management should have a sound knowledge of grievance handling.

* Can be real or imaginative feelings of personal justice that an employee has about the employment relationship * It need not be expressed to become a Grievance
* It need not be true or correct
* A feeling from imaginative conditions or from incorrect reasoning is still a grievance if it is a feeling of injustice * While the real grievance exists, the employee may state a different grievance either because he is unable to see the real situation or because of his unwillingness to define the actual cause of the...
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