Grip and Arm Strength

Topics: Grip strength, Measurement, Isometric exercise Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: August 23, 2014
Term Project Proposal
Week 5

Grip and Arm Strength

Purpose Statement

Occupational health professionals consistently document the need for physical testing upon application for physically-demanding jobs. Decades of studies suggest that physical fitness screening prior to job selection decreases workplace injuries. Many of these studies prove specifically that a direct correlation exists between one’s strength and job performance. This case study examines such a claim. It is an analysis of the impact arm strength (ARM) and hand grip (GRIP) have on workers’ performance on the job (SIMS). So, can job performance be predicted linearly by a combination of grip strength and arm strength? Therefore, the dependent variable work/job performance is determined by independent variables grip strength and arm strength. The variable that is believed to be of more importance is the arm strength. Is being physically strong still important in today's workplace? In our current high-tech world one might be inclined to think that only skills required for computer work such as reading, reasoning, abstract thinking, etc., are important for performing well in many of today's jobs. There are still, however, a number of very important jobs that require, in addition to cognitive skills, a significant amount of strength to be able to perform at a high level. Take, for example, the job of a construction worker. It takes a lot of strength to lift, position, and secure many building materials such as wood boards, metal bars, and cement blocks. In addition, the tools used in construction work are often heavy and require a lot of strength to control. When was the last time you tried to operate a jackhammer? There are many more jobs such as electrician and auto mechanic that also require strength. An interesting applied problem that arises is how to select the best candidates from among a group of applicants for physically demanding jobs. One obvious way might be...

Cited: Koley, Shyamal and Pal Kaur, Satinder (2011, July 20). Correlations of Handgrip Strength with Selected Hand-Arm-Anthropometric Variables in Indian Inter-university Female Volleyball Players.
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