Grimm vs Disney

Topics: Brothers Grimm, Cinderella, Fairy tale Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Chelsea Cruz
Professor Blevins
April 12, 2012
English 101
Grimm vs. Disney

Most people cannot imagine coveted childhood fairytale with pure sadistic characters, blood, death and neglect. Disney motion pictures have depicted their classic fairytales by painting picture of princess with a loving parent, a dead parent, and a wonderful outlook on life with just the hope of dreams coming true. Many people cannot fathom the idea of a beloved fairytale containing the dark acts of rape, torture, and cannibalism. After all, Snow White’s apple was just meant to put her to sleep; and Sleeping Beauty did find her prince right? Wrong. In the original Grimm Fairytales Snow Whites apple was meant to kill her for good and Sleeping Beauty’s prince was more of a rapist who impregnated her as she slept. Although the Grimm’s fairytales seem to be a much more disturbing version of the Disney films, maybe these stories taught some higher morals and lessons. Or is Disney’s replacement of lessons with idealism and imagination better? In both the Grimm and Disney versions the story of Cinderella is a tale of mistreatment, spite, and a rescued escape. In both versions Cinderella is made to become a servant in her own home. The Grimm story continues with far-reaching detail of the harsh abuse and cruelty Cinderella endures. Disney reduced these harsh acts by describing Cinderella as a harmonic young woman who had friends in the animals occupying the house. In Disney’s version, no matter how hard she worked, Cinderella was always presentable. She sang of her dreams coming true which appeared as a motivator for her not to give up hope and continue to be kind. The Grimm version of the tale differs in this area. Before her passing, Cinderella’s mother tells her that if she continues to be the kind soul that she is then God will always help her and that she will watch down on her. This happens to be Cinderella’s real focus for continuously doing good deeds. Disney’s version of the tale...
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