Grievance Handling Procedure

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Principles suggested by Indian Institute of Personal Management for addressing the grievance are as follows: • A grievance should be dealt within the limits of the first line manager. • The appellate authority should be made clear to the employee so that if he cannot get satisfaction from his immediate manager, he should know the next step. • The grievance should be dealt with speedily

• In establishing a grievance procedure, if the grievance is against an instruction given by a superior in the interest of order and discipline, the instructions must be carried out first and then only employee can register his protest.

There should be no recourse to official machinery of conciliation unless the procedure has been carried out without reaching any solution.


Grievance machinery is usually thought of in connection with a company that deals with a labor union. Though the union must be given some credit for stimulating the installation of such procedures, all companies, whether unionized or not, should have established and known methods of processing grievances

To establish new grievance machinery, workers in each department and each shift shall select, from among themselves and for a period of not less than one year at a time, departmental representatives and forward the list of person so selected to the management. Where the unions in the undertaking are in a position to submit an agreed list of names, resource to election may not be necessary. Nor will this be necessary when a works committee is functioning satisfactorily, for the works committee’s member of a particular consistency shall act as the departmental representatives.


The details of the grievance procedure vary from industry to industry and from trade union to trade union because of the variations in the size of organizations, trade union strength, the management...
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