Grievance Handling Procedure

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Grievance Handling & Grievance Procedure


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What is a grievance?
• “Any factor involving wages, hours, conditions of employment that is used as a complaint. Similarly it could be expressed or not expressed.” Gary Dessler • “Any complaint or dissatisfaction on the part of a worker or a group of workers relating to his / their employment in the undertaking, with the general claims which normally fall within the scope of collective bargaining as a result of employment.”ILO • “Any dissatisfaction arising out of any reason connected with the employer or personal life which an employee believes unfair or unjust.” 2 of 13



Importance of Grievance Handling
• Dissatisfaction of one worker will convert into dissatisfaction of several or many workers. This may create anti-attitudes towards management and may ferment an opposition leading to disagreement. • Frustration and perception of unfair treatment have been associated with strikes, slowdowns and affect the organization productivity. • In order to maintain a good relationship between labour-management, this is affecting the organization climate. 3 of 13

Importance of Grievance Handling..
• Absence of an effective grievance mechanism can lead to increasing employee unrest. • This may affect the employees’ morale, productivity, willingness to co-operate with organization. • Proper grievance handling procedure is important to achieve the goals of HRM and the organization goals.

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What we should know about a grievance?
Can be real or imaginative feelings of personal justice that an employee has, about the employment relationship It need not be expressed to become a grievance

It need not be true or correct A feeling arising from imaginative conditions or from incorrect reasoning is still a grievance if it causes a feeling of injustice. 5 of 13

Types of Grievances

Legitimate grievances:
They occur when there is a reasonable cause to think that there has been a contract violation.

Imagined grievances:
Imagined grievance is a complaint without merit.

Political grievances:
They are most common before contract negotiations, union elections, and in situations when the employer and employees have strained relationships

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Grievance Rate
• A grievance rate is usually stated in terms of the number of written grievances for 100 employees in one year.

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Incompetence of the employee
Organizational culture and macro influence

Contract terms

Working conditions Unsatisfactory pay

Improper HR Management Policies


Ineffective supervisors

Environment of distrust and non-confidence

Lack of participation in management

Lack of communication

Inter personal issues

Irresponsible employees
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Objectives of Grievance Handling
1. To improve human/industrial relations 2. Improve morale/motivation 3. Helps to enhance productivity 4. Improve the image of the organization 5. Prevent accidents and improve safety standards 6. Establish good HRM practices 7. Identify hot spots 8. Establish recognizable grievance handling procedure 9. Improve Communication 10. Ensure speedy solutions for grievances 9 of 13

Follow-up on the case to make sure that it has been handled satisfactorily and the grievance eliminated

Define or describe the nature of the grievance as clearly and as fully as possible.

Grievance Handling Procedure
Collect additional information to check the validity of the tentative solution

Collect all the facts that help to explain how, when, where, why and to whom the grievance occurred

Apply the solution

Establish tentative solutions to the grievance

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Grievance Handling Interviews

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Methods of...
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