Grief, Loss, and Finding Meaning and Purpose

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Grief, Loss, and Finding Meaning and Purpose
Death is something that is out of human’s control, and it can produce all kind of feelings, and attitudes. The following paper discusses critical issues associated with understanding and facing death. There are various feelings and emotions that a person can experience after they loss someone special in their lives. Through out this paper we will try to identify, express, and find what had been discovered through out grief, and loss. There are several major issues associated with death, but we will focus only on two of them. For instance when a person is facing death, that person would experience denial, isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance; but the two major factors that will be discussed on this paper are depression and anger. According to the Merriam-Western Dictionary Death is the act of dying, the end of life, and there are several ways of coping with the emotional reaction when facing death. We all experience many losses through our lives, and when the loss is the death of someone really close to us, someone who we love and care about—perhaps a family member, a coworker, neighbor etc. That loss can cause a grieving process that can surely affect the way se see things and continue our lives.

One of the issues associates with understanding coping and facing death is anger. Lets say for instance that if the cause of death of a family member was something unexpected, anger feelings can take control over that person. Anger is a wide range of emotions, is a strong feeling of displeasure, and belligerence aroused by a wrong, wrath, ire. ( On the other hand, when facing an early death of a love one, the dominant feeling present on the rest of the family is anger, leading them to a bitter indignation at having been experience the unfairly death of one of their family members. The anger of a person who is experiencing a loss, can be targeted many things, or persons—perhaps anger...

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