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Resources to Deal with Grief
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Resources to Deal with Grief
When a person loses someone or something very important and beloved he/she has grief. Grief is a natural part of humans’ life. It is a typical reaction to divorcing, death, a move away from friends or family, job loss, or illness. It possesses humans’ thoughts, emotions, spirits and bodies, whole selves. It is the well-known fact that everyone grieves differently. Someone asks questions or wants answers. Someone cries, screams or yells; other is quiet. One wants to be alone, another wants friends and family near. Someone only wants to be busy; other finds it difficult to do something. One talks, other keeps their feelings and thoughts deep inside. The main important thing is to find resources to help someone to deal with his/her grief. The most basic definition of this phenomenon is given by Russell Friedman in her article “The Best Grief Definition You Will Find” (2013), “Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind. Of itself, grief is neither a pathological condition nor a personality disorder” (para. 2). That is why, it is very important to find resources that help to deal with grief. According to the Allina Grief Resources’ article “Grieving the death of a loved one” (2005), “In the midst of your grieving, be patient with yourself and others and do something kind for yourself each day. Be sure to ask for help when you need it” (para. 6). The first resource helps if the person belongs to a religious organization. He/she can talk to clergyperson or join grief groups in the church. The grief groups can be not only in churches, but also in local mental health department or local hospitals. The second resource is grief counseling. Person can talk to the counselors in private practice, online, or in local phone directory.  Dr. Gary in his article “Resources to help with grief. Let's...

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