Gridiron Gang: Stereotypes or Assumptions?

Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Cece Reyes
Video Project
Gridiron Gang


1. Clearly identify the movie watched.

The movie I decided to watch for this project was Gridiron Gang.

2. What stereotypes or assumptions are made about the ethnic or cultural group?

That they are criminals might be juvenile delinquents, uneducated, thugs or gang members and that they are trouble makers.

3. What is/are the identified issues of one of the many characteristics? Discuss at least two.

Roger weathers was one of the main characters that the movie started out with. One issue was that he had to much time to be on the streets. Obviously he did because the movie started out with him being in the juvenile detention center. With all this time it allowed him to be out wondering the streets committing crime but also mix with the wrong people. The second issue was that he was a known gang member. Once he was released, he went right back to that same lifestyle and ran into some friends that were in trouble and he got killed.

4. Discuss at least one theory of delinquency and how it might apply to one or more of the characters in the film?

In the book there are psychological theories. Psychoanalytic approach is a theory is composed as a structure with three parts, the id, ego and super ego. The id is the part of one’s personality that is comprised of unconscious biological and psychological desires and instincts. The ego is the part of one’s personality that represents the identity of the actual behavior. Finally, the superego is the part of one’s personality that represents the conscience and moral character of the individual. If the id is stronger than the superego, delinquency is more likely to occur. I think that this theory applies to Kenny bates in the film because he stole a car. I don’t think he needed the car, he just wanted it. Also I think it applies to bug wendal because he robbed an old woman for her money.

5. What are...
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