Grendels point of view

Topics: Human, Laughter, Bullying Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 30, 2013

I ascend from my stunning, horrid swampland while the darkness covers the mysterious, gloomy lake I call home. The night seems to match my soul as the darkness consumes around me and the moon hides behind the misty clouds. I march forward on the path that will guide me to my fate with monstrous, heavy steps. The very thought of those men, drinking and laughing and carrying on all night long at the great hall made me so full of blind, red fury. It spread throughout my body. I can already feel the inner beast surfacing and the total glee of what this night at Herot will bring to me. Anticipation and power course through my veins at the thought that I am immune to their weapons, and I laugh to myself. "What a joke they are.. They will be sorry they messed with me this time." The thought of the taste and sight of their blood in my mouth and hands made me stride faster towards the great hall. I yearned to see them squirm in my grasp with fear and horror; I'll make them pay for every laugh they shared, every meal they feasted on, every song they sang, and every headache they have ever caused me. I blame them for the heartless, monstrous beast I have become; feeding on humans unremorsefully. I darkly smile as the doors of that great hall appear in my vision. I'm getting closer and I can no longer wait. Impatient, I ran as fast as I could to the doors of the great Herot. I flung the doors open and gazed at the weak, pathetic sleeping men before me; the fools they are. They should know better than to taunt me like this. I can no longer contain myself and I snatch the nearest human to me, ripping him to shreds with my claws. He never stood a chance. I find myself drinking every last drop of his warm blood, swallowing him whole. The taste is irresistible and once I am finished with the first, my hunger of anger is unsatisfied and I grab the next human I see. But to my dismay and surprise, he took a strong crushing grip of my claw before I could even...
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