Grendel vs. Frankenstein

Topics: Hero, North Pole, Courage Pages: 4 (1643 words) Published: April 20, 2005
Grendel and Frankenstein are two monsters whose society ignores their existence and find them to be burdensome to their society based on the mere fact that they are not like the rest of their surrounding man-kind. Grendel and Frankenstein both strive to accept their place in the views of their surrounding peoples. Although their sporadic happiness comes from them engaging in fights and killing members of their societies, they learn to accept their place within the societies by coping with their ability to stay loyal to themselves and to fight back with self-devotion and not wanting to give up on themselves.

Grendel, surprisingly, adapts quite well to his society despite its detestation of his existence. Grendel live is a rattlesnake-guarded cave, which allows himself to detach from his society, giving him the necessary space to cope with the troublesome thoughts among his people about Grendel. Unlike Frankenstein, Grendel tries to associate with the members of his civilization but is rejected every time he tries to do so. Every night Grendel goes to Herot to listen to the Sharper's stories because the history interests him. He is quite intrigued and appreciative of the tales he hears, but when he comes in contact with those from Herot, they do not reciprocate the appreciation of his presence in Herot. The ones he admires so much taunt and torture him to the point they try to kill him for "intruding." As retaliation, Grendel fights back and raids Herot every night.

On the flipside, Frankenstein shows no interest in interacting with his society. He feels as though his society already has pre-conceived notions about his existence, and that if he even tried to win their affection, he would fail in doing so. He knows that the members of his surrounding civilization detest those different from themselves. Eventually their ways of demoralizing Frankenstein's feelings lead Frankenstein to escape from their antagonizing. Frankenstein ventures to the North Pole,...
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