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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

The questions below refer to the selections “from Beowulf, Part One,” “from Grendel,” “Life in 999: A Grim Struggle,” and “from Beowulf, Part Two.”

____1.Beowulf slays Grendel in order to —
|a. |save Hrothgar and the Danes from the monster | |b. |prevent Grendel from invading the land of the Geats | |c. |keep Herot from being destroyed | |d. |carry off the treasure in Grendel’s lair |

____2.Beowulf must battle Grendel with his bare hands because — |a. |the Geats traditionally did battle with their bare hands | |b. |Grendel had magically made all weapons useless against him | |c. |Beowulf wishes to prove the superiority of the Geats over the Danes | |d. |Beowulf wishes to prove his bravery |

____3.Which of the following statements about Wiglaf is true? |a. |He believes in and speaks about the inner goodness of all people. | |b. |His inexperience makes him unworthy to succeed to the throne. | |c. |He makes an eloquent speech about the virtues of loyalty and bravery. | |d. |He tells Beowulf that the other warriors will desert Beowulf when he needs them most. |

____4.How does Beowulf die?
|a. |The dragon kills him as Beowulf goes out unarmed to fight the monster. | |b. |Surrounded by a crowd of helpful warriors, Beowulf is the last to fall. | |c. |Unaided by most of the warriors, Beowulf is killed as he and Wiglaf fight the dragon. | |d. |After killing the dragon, Beowulf and his followers fight over the treasure, and Beowulf is killed. |

____5.What last thoughts does Beowulf express as he is dying? |a. |A desire for respect and pride in his ability to protect his people | |b. |Bitterness because his soldiers did not help him fight the dragon | |c. |Fear that the kingdom of the Geats will fall apart after he dies | |d. |Affection and longing for his family |

____6.The most important event in Beowulf’s career as leader of the Geats is the — |a. |attack on the dragon | |b. |speech for the prince | |c. |celebration that involved both Danes and Geats | |d. |tracing of the bloody footprints |

____7.In Beowulf’s fight to the death with Grendel’s mother, the piece of his own equipment that saves his life is his — |a. |woven mail shirt |c. |sword, Hrunting |...
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