Grenades in Wwii

Topics: Hand grenade, Trench warfare, Mills bomb Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Grenades in WWI

There were many weapons used in WWI, one of them being hand grenades. Grenades are egg shaped explosives that are thrown and explode at a certain time. The discovery of the explosive dates back to the 15th century and further back. The grenade is deadly, not just for the amount of fire power but because the shell disperses and sprays the shards into all directions.

In 1750, the grenade was abandoned because of how deadly it had become, until 100 years passed and Napoleon Bonepart decided to use it in his. He began to recruit large, strong soldiers who could fling grenades long distances. These soldiers were called Grenadiers, and they dressed differently and became an elite force. The experiment didn't work too well however, and the grenadiers were eventually taken into the infantry. Then as time went on the Germans adopted the idea of the grenade in 1914, at the start of WWI. The Germans were very advanced in the creation of weaponry and they had over 70,000 hand grenades prepared for battle.

The earliest grenadiers (late 16th century) were not organized in special units, but by the mid-17th century they formed special companies within battalions. The men that were picked to be grenadiers had to have great strength and agility. Grenadiers would be responsible for racing down the trench and throwing grenades into each dugout they passed: which helped take out enemy soldiers in trenches. Grenadiers earned higher pay, received special privileges, and were distinguished by their height, and dashing uniform.

Later in the war, the British deployed the Mills Bomb, a highly effective fragmentation grenade. The Allies improvised further, strapping grenades to a rod, which was fired from a rifle with a blank charge, and used slingshots to fire grenades at the enemy. The British bombing team usually consisted of nine men at a time: an NCO, two throwers, two carriers, two bayonet-men to defend the team and two 'spare' men for use when...
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