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Gregor Johann Mendel was born on July 20th, 1822 in the Austrian Empire, now the Czech Republic.

He was an Augustinian friar of the Catholic church and a scientist. He eventually became the abbot of St. Thomas' Abbey, after which his scientific work decreased due to increasing administrative responsibilities. Mendel is known for pea-plant experiments and subsequent theories on genetics. During a seven year period, Mendel experimented with pea plants in the garden owned in his monastery.

Mendel also worked with bees to determine genetic traits in animals. Mendel’s work was not widely recognized until after his death in 1884.

There were several factors that influenced Mendel's theories, such as society, his interest in science, previous work by other scientists,and religion.

Mendel's Influences

Influences in science is one of the most fundamental questions in recording the history of science: each scientist is almost always inspired by earlier work. In his book about well known biologist, (including Mendel), Berger highlights the importance of inspiration by claiming that a scientists' discovery relies on the discovery made by another scientists' previous and similar work.[1] Mendel's influences are therefore importance because they can shed light onto his motivations, techniques, choices, and ultimate success in the field of hereditary science.

As a child, Mendel attended a school in which natural sciences were emphasized and the students learned importance of beekeeping and how to grow fruit.[2] Indeed, Mendel would be interested in beekeeping well into adulthood and completed a series of experiments at his monastery later in life.

Although Mendel's pea plant experiments revolutionized the discussion on genetics, a similar discussion on hybridization and breeding had been taking place for nearly 100 years before Mendel. Mendel had been taught about hybridization during his early school days and was influenced by...
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