Greg James

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Introduction 3

Question 1: How well had James managed his global teams? 3

Question 2: Compare and contrast how the various teams see as the cause of the crisis? In your view, who is responsible for the HS Holding Crisis? 4

Question 3: What role did open work environment and diversity play in the case? How? 7

Question 4: What should James do in the short and long term? 9

Conclusion 11

Reference List 12

Team Distribution of Tasks: 12


Mr Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He is facing two major issues which are the company’s crisis and the global teamwork. So Mr James seeks help from the vice president, Pam Lawry.

Firstly, the Sun Microsystems, Inc. has now to face the potential lawsuit from the customer of violating the contract (24 x 77 software premium of $300k service annual contract). That is result from a delay of 2 days since the technical support shutdown matter occurred in United States and the unprofessional relationship among the global teams when handling this issue.

Mr Greg James had a conversation with all the global teams to discuss and solve the problem about the crisis of HS Holdings. Mr James also found out that after having face to face meeting with his teams, there were uncovered deeper, more complex, and interpersonal issues.

The Sun Microsystems, Inc. will be facing the pressure of the competitors and the risk of losing customers. The company will soon ruin its image if it does not solve the technical issues and the customer’s lawsuit soon.

Question 1: How well had James managed his global teams?

In different time Zones and work tasks, the global manager, Mr Greg James should keep in touch with the reports many times during a week and keep every team member on the same page. Mr James understands the meeting time is not perfect for everyone because all of their time zones

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