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University of Cebu Lapu lapu and Mandaue
A.C. Cortes Ave., Mandaue City
1333501553210007 SINS OF

Submitted by
Galanza, Kenneth L.
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Ms. Jenny Biore, MBA
3286125952500Sin of the Hidden Trade-Off –
The Sin of the
Hidden Trade-off is committed by
suggesting a product is “green” based on
a single environmental attribute or
an unreasonably narrow set of attributes
(recycled content) without
attention to other important, or
perhaps more important, environmental issues
(such as energy, global warming, water, and
forestry impacts of paper). Such claims are not
usually false, but are used to paint a “greener”
picture of the product than a more complete
environmental analysis would support.  
According to an article, “Plastic Recycling and the Environment” manufacturing plastics creates large quantities of hazardous chemical pollutants. “So the use of plastic water bottles at all, regardless of the fact they have less plastic in them, is a trade-off,” notes Kathryn Weichel. Sin of No Proof – Any environmental claim that

cannot be substantiated by easily accessible
supporting information, or by a reliable third-party
certification, commits the “Sin of No Proof”
This sin occurs when companies make an environmental claim without any direct proof to support that claim. 4286250-21082000
Sin of Vagueness – The Sin of Vagueness is
committed by every claim that is so poorly defined or
broad that its real meaning is likely to be
misunderstood by the intended consumer.
It may have claimed to be natural but it is still contains harmful chemicals which can suffocate, may cause lung problems later on and not advisable to be inhaled by people with asthma..

3552825571500Sin of Irrelevance – The Sin of Irrelevance
is committed by making an environmental
claim that may be truthful but is unimportant
and unhelpful for consumers seeking
environmentally preferable products.
It is irrelevant and therefore distracts...
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