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Research Essay on Greenpeace
Fernando Cisneroz
English 101
November 26, 2012
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Greenpeace was born in the early seventies, 1971. They were a group of Individuals who had a dream of making Earth a better place to live, Changing the way people think on how the environment is treated which affects us all. A group of People had rallied together to “Bear witness” to Nuclear testing being conducted underground on an Island secluded to endangered wildlife. On the Island of Amchitka, Alaska .They made history that year, although they had not physically made it to the island. They made their voices heard and nuclear testing was stopped that same year which made the mission a success. Greenpeace investigates, exposes and confronts environmental abuse by governments and corporations around the world. Posted (January 08th, 2009 Greenpeace is an energetic charitable international organization that promotes a concerted agenda of getting information on the environment out to the people. They create causes like the campaigning a zero emissions pathway to help stop climate change, a global network of protected areas to preserve the world's ancient forests and a network of marine reserves to defend the world's oceans and helps put information on the environment out there for the public to be aware of. The main reason why Greenpeace exists is so our future generations will be able to enjoy Earth as we do today. Greenpeace has spread the word such as the pollution in our waterways, the unrestricted fishing and whaling in the oceans, the decimation of the rainforests, global warming etc. This information now firmly rooted in our minds Because of the energies that Greenpeace and other associated organizations have steadfastly been "spreading the word on." Have been rooted in the publics consciousness.

Earth needs Organizations like Greenpeace to speak...

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