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We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of a superior range of Wooden Crates. These Wooden Crates are produced using premium quality woods like Babool, Neem, Kanaj wood and are used extensively for multi stacking & multi handling of varied commodities. Notable for their high strength, durability, precise dimensions and high-load bearing capacity, these Wooden Crates are tightly clipped at the edges for ensuring minimum permeability and safe storage. We offer our clients an ample range of Heat Treated / Fumigated Treated Wooden Pallets. Our Fumigated Wooden Pallets are manufactured using the finest quality of wood procured from the most trusted vendors of the industry. Fumigated Wooden Pallets are safe and strong for shipment as no harm is caused to the laborers during the whole movement & shipping process.

Solid wood packaging material that is used with export consignments is treated before it is exported to avoid the transmission of the pests from one country to the other. Heat Treatment Pallet is the most widely used method to comply with ISPM-15 norms. It is Eco-friendly, safe and quick method. No chemicals are involved in this process of wood treatment. Heat treatment very simply put is - using controlled atmosphere (temperature and Humidity) inside a chamber to raise the core temperature of the wood to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This process essentially and effectively kills all life forms of bug, termites or borers that may have nested themselves within the wood packaging material.

Though lot of engineering goes into it, but the basic principal remains the same. Heat treatment is an approved Quarantine treatment under international standard for phytosanitary measures (ISPM-15) and it is an alternative to Methyl bromide fumigation treatment for wood packaging material of the export consignment.

"Heat Treatment vs. Fumigation"
HT is an eco-friendly method with least detrimental affect on the environment, especially during current environmental concerns in the international community. Major advantage of heat treatment is that it reduces the moisture content of the wood considerably which in turn makes the wood less prone to microbial infestations like fungus and mould (commonly blue stain and mould or decay fungi found in India).

Unlike fumigation this treatment is hassle free. In the case of Methyl bromide fumigation of the loaded container, lot of safety concerns arises as Methyl bromide is readily absorbed by lot of export consignments and dangerous levels of gas are detected at the port of discharge. Entire EU countries prefer heat treatment over Methyl bromide fumigation due to this safety concerns.

"Logistics in Heat Treatment"
The quantum of wood that can be treatment in one batch depends upon the size of heat treatment chamber. The time taken is much less than Methyl bromide fumigation where the exposure of the gas is 24 hrs. Depending upon the moisture content of the wood, one typical heat treatment cycles takes just about3-4 hrs. This process essentially and effectively kills all life form of Bugs, Termites or Borers that may have nested themselves within the wood packaging material.

Once the wooden packaging material like pallets, boxes, crates are heat treatment in line with ISPM-15 standard, the wood is marked/stamped as bug-free and certified. This heat treatment certificate is valid in international trade (export-import).

Once the ISPM-15 standard is Implemented, the custom inspection authorities at the ports of entry of imported goods will verify and confirm if the Wood Packaging Material (WPM) is properly marked with the ISPM-15 official stamp and that the unique codes of the stamp are recorded on the official database of the regulating authority. We are one of the companies in India to introduce Hot Stamping (heat branding) of Wooden Pallets. This type of hot stamping (heat branding) leaves clear and permanent mark on the wood (unlike ink stamps). This...
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