Greenhouse Effect Essay

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As part of science, recognizing and understanding about the Greenhouse Effect revolves around the issue of climate change and global warming. It is essential to research and distinguish between the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Effect. It is also important to gather and collect from all aspects of the topic that requires fathoming the importance, effective things that could be done to improve the composition of the atmosphere and the impact of Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. From the majority of scientists, evidence that has shown that the increase of Earth’s climate links back to human activities. However, there has been some contrary conclusions where some scientists deny the fact that the changes in climate have not changed at all,...

Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour are examples of greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere since the inventions and productions of machinery, which were a major milestone since the Industrial Revolution. Light energy is then redirected back towards Earth producing a source of heat. The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect is the impact of global warming and climate change and the conspicuous changes of a warmer climate from the additional heat trapped in the atmosphere.Nowadays, the Enhanced Greenhouse is considered to be of great importance today. As there are naturally occurring greenhouse gases, the heat that is trapped in the Earth is impacting the weather patterns and causing global warming and climate change. Greenhouse Effect is a fundamental component of maintaining a warm climate and it helps develop a sustainable life. However, due to the drastic increase of human activities, the burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation has contributed to the greenhouse effect producing an unbalance amount of greenhouse gases and...

Majority of the scientists have evidence that shows that climate change is real and the rapid increase of temperature will never reach a certain point, it will just keep on going as long as human activity is the primary cause resulting from a build-up of greenhouse gases. We know that climate change is happening at a rapid rate and the observations of levels and temperatures of the ocean increasing and ice retreating everywhere draws the same conclusion of the warming trend. Ocean acidification is one of the many reasons that support the theory of the increase of climate. Earth’s ocean is a carbon sink, a cycle where carbon dioxide is absorbed, and this is impacting the acidity of the ocean. When the ocean is acidic, the sea temperature is increasingly affecting the health and the stressed caused bleaching of the coral. If this course continues, a bleached coral would be a very common sighting and the overall health of the coral would plummet. Not only does it affect the health of the coral, snails and clams are at jeopardy because of the pH levels of the ocean is becoming more acidic, causing negative impacts on the structure of the shells that are made out of calcium carbonate. Furthermore, everywhere on Earth, ice and glaciers have been significantly shrinking from the Arctic, Alps, Himalayas and Alaska, glaciers have been retreating at a very fast rate....
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