Green trends in hospitality

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The three green trends in hospitality
In this jet age, traveling to a land far away from home for business, work or vacation has become a common thing. With many people traveling to new places, hospitality industry has benefited in every economical sector. It has also helped the local community and economy to prosper. When we look at the hospitality industry, we see a bright energetic place filled with fine and luxurious products in abundance. However, the hospitality industry has also been associated with wastage of resources. Resources such as excessive usage of energy for maintenance, waste of water from bathroom (toilet, faucet and shower) and waste of water with chemical products from kitchen and laundry have a negative impact on the environment. Such waste of resource affects the efficiency of the business operation and makes it difficult to sustain itself in the long run. To reduce and minimize the waste of resources, a new trend called “Going Green” has become popular in the hospitality industry. Going green is also referred to environment friendly hotels that produce less carbon footprint. As the government institutions and the big global corporations are becoming more environment conscious, they are giving business to hotels that have some green program in place (Steve). There are three major areas in the hospitality (construction, energy and water) that are drastically being improved to make the industry greener. Construction

With rising demands for more hotels, the developers are becoming environmentally friendly by using local materials for construction to save on the cost of transportation. For instance, the ice hotel in Sweden is entirely built of ice, the only plentiful natural material around it. The cave hotels in Turkey and New Mexico are hotels that are actually carved into rocky hills that are cool during the day and are masterful piece of architecture. Depending on the geographical location, the developers are designing buildings to...

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