Green Technology

Topics: Environmentalism, Carbon dioxide, Environment Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Green Technology
Vanessa Williams
INF 103 Computer Literacy
Rodney Greer
February 27, 2012

Green technology is a new method of technology that has been ongoing process for quite some time. Everything now days going green from motor vehicles to building, shopping and energy. Our environment is constantly taken a beating by all the pollutants in our air. In this you will learn the effects it has on our environment and what it means to go green and where green technology has it greatest impact right now. Most people now days use some form of green energy and our not aware of it. Green technology in short definition is environmentally friendly technologies that uses science to save the environment and reduce human impact on earth. Not many people know that the simple things that we do every day affect our environment. Like going to the store or turning off and on lights. Transportation contributes to about a quarter of the earth carbon dioxide emission. The average car is driven about 12500 mile a years which is about 11450 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. This affects our clean air the more pollutants we have in our air the more problem occur. If more people could become aware of how much we are damaging our environment we may be on our way to preserve it a little longer. With that said most of the car companies are turning to hybrid cars. This is one of the new developments of green technology. Hybrids cars use two or more power sources to move the car. They are run on batteries and gas. These cars are supposed to have better gas mileage and reduce the emission of gas. This helps keep the air free of pollutants form the gas and oil. The hybrids uses gas tank like a regular car but the tank are smaller and have a special technology that plays a key factor in reducing the emission. Another example of green technology is the use energy like in hybrids cars energy is used in many other things. Wind power, wind power converts wind into energy. All around the...

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