Green tea paper

Topics: Tea, Obesity, Green tea Pages: 6 (1601 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Beneficial Effects of Green Tea:
Drink Green Tea for Your Health
Food, clothing and shelter are may be the most important things for our life. However, despite the importance of the food, most people misunderstand the food and its relationship with their health. As human society developed and the economic condition of each person improved, people have become concerned more about what they are eating compared to the people who lived in the past. Many food-making companies, in order to follow the recent trend of the healthy food, offer various kinds of healthy foods. However, nothing surpasses green tea’s reputation as a healthy food. The word “green tea’ can be easily found in grocery market nowadays. Since, green tea has become a popular drink in many countries, it is even common to order cup of green tea instead of cup of Americano at Starbucks cafe. Moreover, there are many green tea related products which use green tea as main ingredients such as green tea chocolate, green tea latte, and green tea cake. Green Tea has become part of everyday life in many countries including America. However, many people who consume green tea everyday do not know what exactly green tea does for their health. Most people only have limited knowledge of green tea like a fat burning function. Drinking green tea gives significant health benefits. For example, it lowers the rate of cancer, prevents heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol, and, of course, it helps us to lose weight. Tea is a popular beverage all around the world. It is almost impossible to list all types of tea in the world because different countries have different ways to brew tea and different names of tea such as green, oolong, and black teas. Those Teas all made from the same plant. They are all naturally caffeinated. However, as tealeaves are allowed to ferment, the catechin level is decreased. Fully fermented leaves become black tea and partially fermented become oolong tea. Green tea does not allow the leaves to ferment. Catechin, which is main anti-oxidant ingredient, brings us lots of health benefits, and is contained in green tea the most, and black tea the least (Von et al 1997). Among those teas, green tea is one of the most famous teas. Green tea has history of over 5000 years. Because of its long history, there is no exact evidence about the origin of green tea. However, there are two stories which many people believe as the origin of green tea. Like other significant discoveries, green tea was discovered by accident in China. According to a Chinese legend, the green tea history began in 2737 BC when a man known as Shien Non Shei started to brew a leaf in the water because he simply thought a leaf from the plant he found was tasty. Another record says that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung accidently found tea when a leaf from the plant fell into his cup while he was drinking a hot water. Many years later, European and Chinese immigrants introduced green tea to the America (Allard 2005). Once, tea was an expensive beverage in China. For that reason, only wealthy people were able to drink tea as their privilege. However, after approximately 5000 years of history, green tea spread all over the world and is consumed in all ages and countries. For instance, according statistics, more than 3000million tons of green tea were produced in 2012, and a total of $15 billion of green tea was sold in the U.S. Growing tea comsuption has led to many research studies which are trying to find benefits of green tea and these studies have found out that there are many advantages from drinking it. According statistics revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012. In addition, WHO predicted that deaths from cancer in the world will rise for next year (Cancer 2014). Since there is no method for treatment of cancer completely, cancer is the primary cause of the death in the world. Moreover, with...
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