Green: Recycling and Delhi

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Amongst the Greenest Capitals of the World

Amongst the Greenest Capitals of the World

Advisory Board R. Narayanaswami
Chief Secretary Government of NCT of Delhi

P.K. Tripathi
Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi

Rakesh Mehta
Principal Secretary, Public Relations, Government of NCT of Delhi

J. K. Dadoo
Secretary, Environment & Forest Government of NCT of Delhi

Chief Photo Editor Uday Sahay
Director, Information & Publicity Government of NCT of Delhi

Chief Text Coordinator S.S. Yadav
Special Secretary to Chief Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi

Text Coordinator M. Dwarakanath
Senior Scientific Officer, Environment

Green Room Team
M.S. Shehrawat, Maneesh, Nalin, Kaanchan, Satpal, Vinod, Amit, Chandan, Puran, Shyam, Sudhir, Ajay

Design and Production theIdeaWorks

Amongst the Greenest Capitals of the World

01 assured air quality
for healthier life

02 efficient transport infrastructure
reducing pollution and stress, increasing efficiency and safety

03 smarter energy management
conservation and use of renewables

04 waste management
reduce, reuse & recycle and integrated approach for management

05 water and waste water strategies
going beyond the conventional

06 green buildings and spreading green cover
greening the work place

07 social and community action
towards a green future


16 MILLION PEOPLE. RISING ASPIRATIONS. RAPID URBANISATION. CHALLENGE OF INFRASTRUCTURE. COMMITTED ADMINISTRATION. RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS. DELHI. A CLEAN GREEN METROPOLIS. Today, Delhi is among the greenest Capital cities of the world and home to the Commonwealth Games-2010. Through various sustained efforts undertaken by Delhi Government, it is emerging as one of the most sustainable human habitations. Balance between development and environment is the essence of Delhi’s growth philosophy. The power of knowledge is being blended with nature’s bounty to engineer solutions that will combat serious issues like climate change and global warming.

DELHI | Amongst the Greenest Capitals of the World


Delhi faces enormous challenges with a teeming population of 16 million and unrestrained influx of nearly half a million people every year. There are huge opportunities for the talented and the consequent pressure on land, water, air, space and environment, presents stumbling challenges of developing appropriate infrastructure to meet the civic amenities and requirements. Emissions from India's fastest growing automobile population of 4.5 million is causing the city to develop modern metro systems, large number of flyovers, mass rapid transit system and high speed bus

corridors to enable the large population to move freely and smoothly with in the city. Balancing the need for incremental infrastructure and yet preventing the ecology from deteriorating is the need of the hour for Delhi. So far it has withstood the onslaught of burgeoning population and its consequential needs, and the city is now gearing for meeting the future needs of the population in the next decade. A master plan till 2021 is in place which sets the tone and the pace for Delhi's development, which has to be sustainable for the city to thrive and grow.

Annual variation of CO at ITO (high traffic intersection) in Delhi 6000 Concentration in mg/m3 5000 4000 Pre CNG 3000 2000 1000 00 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Year CO Source: Environment Department, Delhi Government

Post CNG


01 assured air quality
for healthier life
Achieving and maintaining good air quality is crucial to the maintenance of public health and economic vitality of every city. Accordingly, Government of Delhi continues to work towards developing and implementing policies that provide residents and visitors with the benefits of clean air and a healthy environment at home, at work and at leisure.

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