Green Recruitment

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Green Recruitment means a paper-free recruitment process with a minimal environmental impact. Applications are invited through online mediums like e-mail, online application forms or the Global Talent Pool. If possible, telephone or video-based interviews are conducted to minimize any travel-related environmental impact.

In a world of shrinking budgets, challenging economic conditions, and limited resources, an increasing number of higher education institutions face significant pressure to do more with less. Further, many colleges and universities are also taking a look at how their daily activities make an impact on the world around them.

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1. To know the concept of green recruitment thoroughly.

2. To know the importance of the green recruitment concept.

3. To know how green recruitment is eco friendly.

4. To get the idea how green recruitment can be applied in various business organization and institutions.

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1. Green Recruiting: Building Your Environmental Employment Brand Environmental Sustainability Goes Wide
Companies like Honda, S.C. Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Patagonia, Timberland, and GE have successfully used their environmentally friendly policies to sell their product and gain media exposure. Firms like Google, Timberland, and yes, even old-school General Electric have led the way by undertaking major efforts to make being environmentally friendly a critical element of their employment brand. Google, the world’s only “recruiting machine,” leads the way not just in its environmental practices but also in publicizing their environmental record and approach. Like many emerging green companies, Google has hired a director who coordinates corporate environmental efforts in an attempt to match their corporate business strategy with their environmental efforts. Reasons Why Firms Must Practice Green Recruiting

The new thrust of green recruiting is proactive and focuses on making “greenness” a major element of your employment brand. Some of the reasons why green recruiting is becoming more essential include: • Gen Y demands it

This generation has learned about the importance of the environment and recycling in classes since elementary school. They filter both product purchasing and job selection choices with their green mindset. • College grads demand it

Al Gore is a hero on most campuses. Students, while they are on campus, demand that every aspect of their campus life leave a minimal “environmental footprint.” On my campus, San Francisco State University, even the most conservative of all schools, the College of Business is developing “sustainability” major to satisfy the student demand for integrating business and the environment. It has become so important that even starting salaries take a back seat behind “greenness” when students evaluate potential employers. • Many job candidates care about it

Although no one has yet quantified the impact that being environmentally friendly has on recruits, if you ask candidates whether working for an environmentally friendly company is important to them, a vast majority will respond with an affirmative. • Global candidates can be passionate about it

Some countries around the world are extremely passionate about the environment (Germany, Australia, and Finland to name a few). As a result, if you expect to recruit the best from around the world, you must be prepared to meet a growing set of eco-expectations as an employer. Final Thought

Environmental issues are on most everyone’s mind, so if the firm has a competitive advantage in this area, it’s incumbent on both individual recruiters and recruiting managers to integrate that message into recruiting processes and employment brand....

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• “Green in Recruitment & Admissions”
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