Green Organization

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Green organization and its recruitment policies
If the recruiters are thinking of creating a congruent and authentic employment brand which can help your organization attract, retain and repel employees, there comes the relevance of the word “green recruiting”. Recruiting, the most important function of HR, which entails attracting the right person for the right job at the right time, is changing its color. Organizations are trying to tap every bit of opportunity, wanting to look different and make a good impression, so that the right candidates with the environment friendly bent of mind apply for jobs. Companies large and small are seeing a significant increase in the ROI of their recruitment and retention programs by creating an employment brand. One deliverable of a significant employment brand is green recruiting practices. This is not a “flavor of the month” or a new concept. Fortune 500 companies have been doing it for years. Continuously hearing words like eco-friendly, green, environment etc for the past few years, even the young generation has also attracted towards this concept. So they are also looking for an organization which is environment friendly. In June, 2007 Dr John Sullivan wrote, “While candidates of all generations have begun evaluating potential employers based on their “greenness” few in recruiting have leveraged this hot topic in recruitment communication and activities”. He goes on to say, “Individual recruiters need to make the firm’s environmental stance a critical element of their sales pitch to potential applications and candidates”. The time has come for all employers to assess the degree of ‘greenness’ in which they operate. So, all the companies now a days are trying to portray themselves as eco friendly companies. Organizations like Google and Timberland have made concerted efforts in portraying themselves as environment friendly organizations, having programs that support environment issues. Such programs include: extending $5,000 subsidies for employees who buy hybrid cars, dining facilities that serve organic food, charitable contributions to organizations that fight global warming, on- site composting of food waste and using fuel and solar power etc. Wipro have made concerted efforts in portraying themselves as environment friendly organizations, having programs like launching a new range of eco-friendly desktops and laptops. The Wipro Greenware range is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances) directive, thereby reducing e-waste. Why green recruiting?

It’s good to be Green. That's what a lot of companies are finding, as they integrate environmentalism and sustainability into their corporate culture. Not only is environmentalism good for the community and the planet, it can help employees reduce waste and operate more efficiently. Companies tout their environmental initiatives in annual reports, core values, community activities and even advertising. Yet, companies often fail to leverage their environmental efforts in one key area: and that's recruiting, meaning they are missing a key opportunity - as studies show a commitment to environmentalism and sustainability can be a factor the most desirable candidates weigh when choosing an employer. ➢ Studies have shown that many Gen Y and college grads are concerned, or at least conscious, about how their behavior impacts the environment. What they consume, how it is packaged, what they drive and where they live are conscious choices that are made every day. In the context of employment branding, green information should be positioned appropriately on the company website, career page or in a recruitment video. This approach can be a significant differentiator for a company that is interested in attracting top talent. There is no argument that the demand for sustainable practices is increasing. • 80% of current employees want to work for a “good company” (one that has a good reputation for environmental...
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