Green Movement

Topics: Hypothesis, Weather, Observation Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Green Movement
The purpose of this lab report is to demonstrate how changes in abiotic factor such as changes in precipitation patterns can influence plant populations.

During this observation I was observe ring the plant species called Kentucky Blue Grass. In this observation I will show how changes in the weather can affect the population of the grass. I will also explain how this may have some effect on Global Warming as well.

My hypothesis of this lab was that if you have more rain the population of the grass will greatly increase. Along with decent to great weather to help the grass grows and become healthy.

There were three different times that I changed the rainy season to last The first experiment the rainy season lasted 150 days for five years, the next season lasted 100 days for five years and the last rainy season as set to last 50 days for five years.

My hypothesis was correct to a certain extent. I would think that the cooler the temperature the better the population but it seems that the warner the weather is when the biggest population occur. Discussion/Analysis:

During the first observation I changed the rainy season to last 150 days. When the experiment started the temperature outside was 30 degrees and the population of the grass started at 500,000. As the first year went on the population slowly raised but for the most part stayed the same. When you look at the last days of year three, there seems to be a dramatic low point in the population. While looking at the data when the temperature raises to 42.1 degrees the population went down to 54,748. Going into the fourth year the population made another drastic turn and the population rose to 609,747. Getting close to the end of the fifth year the population changed back to its steady pace of 600,000. In the next observation when the rainy season lasted 100 days there was a little bit of difference but not that much....
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