Green Mountain Resort

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Green Mountain Resort
Green mountain resorts issues were related to staffing and problems with turnover. The management had worked hard to get employees that would be willing to stay no matter that the location of the resort was not the best area of the state. The employees did not have the availability of promotions and advancement. Once they were trained they would move to the larger resorts leaving behind the staff that was not properly trained yet. This is the main problem with staff turnover being so high and the continual training time had dire effects on the management. The management needed to figure a way to retain the good quality workers to keep them from moving on to other resorts. Which of the six change images discussed in the chapter can be identified in the assumptions about changing turnover that were held by Gunter? Gunter went from being just an employee to part owner. He had a vested interest in Green Mountain's success. Gunter acknowledged the factors that he could not control and tried several measures to reduce the turnover rate and was unsuccessful. The main issue was the retention of employees. After trying several different things and consulting with someone even the consultant was hard pressed for ideas. Gunter took a change manager role to assist in the changes that were happening. "The assumption is that change is a strategic choice that managers make and the survival and general well-being of the organization depends on them (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 27). Since Gunter was now not just an employee but an owner he jumped into his role to turn his resort around. After initial attempts it was clear that more needed to be done and Gunter's role changed as he saw the needs staff changing and became more of a facilitator and trainer in service to those who wanted to move up in the resort chain of management. Which of the six change images discussed in the chapter can be identified in the assumptions about changing...
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