Green Mile

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Green Mile Essay:

Paul Edgecombe changes over the course of the story. What changes can you see? Explain the changes and what causes them.

Paul Edgecombe is the boss of the "Green Mile" in the state penitentiary, as referred to by everybody. It was himself and 4 other work colleagues who assisted him with the inmates and executions. One of the 4 jail keepers, Percy, was a recognized nut job. Percy didn't respect the inmates one bit, whether the inmates were innocent or not. Paul Edgecombe on the other hand was sort of like quality control on the mile, his main task was he wanted to keep all the inmates as calm as possible before their execution. His actions throughout the movie clearly show his endeavor in trying to remain sane and keep everything under control.

Paul Edgecombe is introduced as a character with little rationality and has a very small temper with the inmates, especially the ones that don't behave accordingly. I feel like Paul matured throughout the movie because he grew close to the inmates that had innocence on their conscious, just not on paper. After a particular inmate, Edward, had found a pet mouse that he named Mr. Jangles, he knew there was a bond between Edward and the mouse. Paul had seen that Edward had found something to spend all of his time with, until it was his time. Once Edwards time had finally arrived, Paul had to face the fact that this newly innocent, sane man was about to get executed. I feel that Paul, had it not been for Mr. Jangles, would have never seen Edward act as the true man he is.

A new character is introduced as the story progresses, his name is John Cofey. John is an extraordinarily tall and big fella who is brought into custody and sent to the green mile for death by execution. They mistake him as an angry fella with a big temper, but the truth of the matter is he is one of the nicest men in jail or not. In the beginning of the movie, it is mentioned that Paul Edgecombe has a bladder...
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