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Bad ecology.
Is it possible for business to be green?
What Green-Marketing means?
Calculating the nature.
Green washing.

Usually introductions nobody reads because the other part always more interesting. So I will only briefly describe how and why did this little assignment about what and it what it is not and who will be interested in. How and why Green-marketing?

Green-marketing has both good and bad sides.
The bad: it is impossible to take the lead and create in the company Green-marketing: you cannot ask a marketer how Green-marketing company standards-compliant; you cannot teach him to undergraduate and graduate students. The answers to these questions show the good side: you can take the best from the work of marketing as a whole or even in different areas of business and apply to Green-marketing. Why this assignment about marketing?

The theory of Green-marketing is essential for a successful marketer. After all, how else to carry on a conversation with colleagues, customers and investors, many of whom are well oriented in environmental issues? The inclusion of environmental projects in many activities in our time recognized the trend and any marketer should have a basic set of knowledge about the various fields, including - on Green-marketing. Here we will focus on the relevance of environmental marketing now and such basic concepts as the "ecological footprint" and "sustainable development". The theory is also important to warn you against annoying inaccuracies, which sometimes become a source of real trouble. The lack of basic knowledge of environmental marketing and understanding of its role in business development in our time will inevitably lead to a drop in competitiveness, customer loss and reduce the company's profits. What this assignment is not?

This assignment is not about the environment. Here you will find descriptions of global environmental problems and justify the importance of their decisions. If you need general information, you can easily find it in the literature or on the Internet, and if it comes to finding information in your area. This assignment is not about the basics of marketing. Here you will learn how to conduct market research, how to design packaging design in terms of marketing or how to write a press release. To whom it will be interesting?

According to the experience of Green-marketing professionals engaged in economic education, which were far from ecology and ecologists, who even in high school have not studied marketing.

Bad ecology.
Surely you at least a few times in my life heard or read the phrase: "It's our bad ecology." Ecology - the science of the relationships of living organisms with the environment. It is obvious that the environment cannot be bad. There are environmental problems. And these problems not only among scientists, but even businessmen, politicians and the general public. Ecological problems of different levels regularly covered by media, on the Internet devoted to them thousands of blogs, non-commercial sites, and forums. This shows that the formulation of the problem by the international community in the middle of the twentieth century has moved to a new level - the involvement of all social groups in the solution of environmental problems. This means that no one can stand aside and pretend that it is not concerned. Limits of growth.

"Limits to Growth" is the Club of Rome’s report about ecology which published in 1972 ( The conclusions of the authors of the report were even more alarming: if current trends continue economic growth with the ultimate in scale of the planet the next generation of humanity reached the limits of the demographic and economic expansion, resulting in the entire system to an uncontrolled crisis and collapse. For the first time it has been shown that the environmental crisis occurs due to the crisis of ethical and moral...
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