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Green Manufacturing

By Prabhash-Babbar Jan 14, 2015 430 Words
Manufacturing &
-Ankit Puri
-Venkatesh Kumar

Green Manufacturing




• Manufacturing plays a very strategic role in an
organization, especially to build competitive
advantage and improve performance.
• With rapid changes in technology, customer
needs and globalization, manufacturing itself
is constantly transforming and evolving.

“To prevent pollution and save energy through the
discovery and development of new knowledge
that reduce and/or eliminates the use of
generation of hazardous substances in the
design, manufacturing, and application of
chemical products or processes.”
The center for Green Manufacturing University of
Alabama defines the goal of green manufaturing

What is Green Manufacturing?
• It is a system that integrates product and
process design issue of manufacturing,
planning and control in such a manner as to
identify, quantify, asses, and manage the flow
of environmental waste with the goal of
reducing and ultimately minimizing
environmental impact while also trying to
maximize resources efficiency.

• Global climate
• Greenhouse effect
• Environment disasters

Area of applications

Product design

Attention paid to
waste generated
along the way, Energy
reduction in
streamlined logistics.

use of recycled
materials design for
service, disassembly
and recycling.

Green Chemistry

design and

avoid of toxics,
harmless solvents,
solvent less


• The company is said to have social responsibility and this reputation means a lot to the company.
• Environmental friendly products
• Zero waste policy


• Dictates lot of research and development projects.
• These projects and processes enhances our technology.

• The goal of Green Manufacturing is to reduce waste to
• This will definitely improves the ecology and stop




• Involves the product design
and process design.
• Waste reduction
• Recyclable materials should
be used.
• Reduce waste in energy.

• ISO14000 help organizations
to achieve this.
• ISO 14001 is an
international accepted
specification for an
environment management

• WHEE- Waste electrical and
Electronics Equipment.
• RHS- Restriction of
Hazardous Substances'.
• ELV – End of life Vehicle




What are the Challenges?
Long Term Effort
Increase in Production Cost

• EcoBoost is a family of turbocharged, direct injected gasoline engines produced by the Ford Motor Company and codeveloped by FEV engineering • Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with those of larger 

engine displacement, naturally aspirated engines while
achieving approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than these same engines.
Relative to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid
 and diesel technologies, Ford sees EcoBoost as an affordable and versatile alternative and intends to use it extensively in future vehicle applications




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