green logistics

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General logistics

It is widely known that logistics plays a major role in the product and service production. Logistics is described as: ‘’the part of Supply Chain Management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers' requirements’’.i It is important in all the business processes and concentrates on moving goods and services from suppliers to producers to the end consumers. One important part of logistics is the transportation industryii. The transportation industry could be considered as one of the most important industries in logistics when moving goods and servicesiii. The industry includes three different ways of moving the goods and services: via air, sea and land. The usage of the transportation industry also comes with a lot of problems. Pollution is one of them, since the transportation industry mostly uses fossil fuels to operate, it increases the risk on global warmingiv.

Importance of green logistics

Looking at the environmental effects of pollution and depletion of natural resources, several governments and public officials encourage and motivate people to engage in pro environment behavioursv. Since people getting more aware of the environmental issues going on in the world, companies are forced to engage in pro environmental behaviour. This environmental behaviour was expressed by using the word ‘green’. Companies should become greener in their activities. The transportation industry is seen as a big contributor to the environmental issues in the worldvi. That is why it is important for companies to transform their logistical systems such that it gets a greener image to present to the world. Companies being aware of environmental issues try to improve their logistical systems such that they reduce waste, become more efficient and less pollutingvii.

Concepts of Green logistics
Companies showed interest in the environment by trying to transform their supply chain into a green supply chain. Since logistics is a part of the supply chain, companies also focused on exploiting concepts of green logistics management. Traditional companies were just attentive on producing goods and services and store in warehouses without paying attention to efficiency and pollution. Environmental aware companies applied concepts of green logistics management. One concept is focused on the environmental performance and the other on operational performance. Environmental performance is related to the reduction in emissions, pollution and waste incurred from the logistical processviii. One way to improve the environmental performance that has been applied in several companies is reverse logistics. This concept was opening new logistical markets and reduce the costs of the production processix. It is focused on getting back waste materials from customers to recycle it and use it in the production process again. This concept fits in the thoughts of green logistics because its logistical system is totally focused on avoiding pollution by being environmental aware and disposal of wastex. To be effective the transportation industry should become green as well to improve the environmental performance. Many concepts in this industry have been developed to make this logistic system green as well. In the airfreight industries a new idea is developed. It tries to look for alternative fuels and stop pollution by using oil. The industry is now using biofuel for the airplanes which is less harmful for the environment and a waste product from other activitiesxi. By this way airlines and airfreight is getting less polluting. Land logistics is getting more environmental friendly by using less polluting electric and hybrid engines in the trucks and train...

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