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Under the National Action Plan on Climate Change


February 22nd , 2011

Forest Cover Map of India

Very Dense Forest Dense Forest Open Forest Scrub Non Forest Water Bodies District Boundaries


Process: A Transparent and Inclusive Approach

• Draft document put on website for comments on 23rd May 2010 • The draft made available in 11 languages • 7 Regional Consultations over a month and a half 10th June to 15th July attended by the Minister and the team – Guwahati, Dehradun, Pune, Bhopal, Jaipur, Vizag and Mysore • Over 1450 people participated in the consultations • Thousands of mails received – From Panchayats, community groups, academia, researchers, schools , government agencies, private sector, media and concerned citizens


‘Business as Unusual’: Key Innovations
1. Focus on quality of forests – – – – – Primary focus on improving density of forest cover Emphasis on biodiversity, water and improved biomass Carbon sequestration as co-benefit Addressing ecosystems like grasslands, wetlands, urban and peri-urban Gram Sabha as overarching institution to facilitate implementation of the Mission activities at village level Build a skilled cadre of young “community foresters” from scheduled tribes and other forest dwelling communities Interventions at scale (5000-6000 hectares) at a time Simultaneous treatment of forest and non forest areas Addressing key drivers of degradation 2. Focus on ecosystem services

3. Focus on democratic decentralization:

4. Creating a new cadre of Community Youth as Foresters: –

5. Adoption of Landscape-based Approach – – –


Green India Mission and the Forest Right Act (FRA) 2006

Centrality of Forest Rights Act, 2006 in Green India Mission Implementation 1.FRA compliance as embodied in FRA 2006 has been made a precondition for release of funds to implementation agencies 2.Committees set-up by the Gram Sabha under FRA will be centrally engaged as part the institutional landscape for implementation of the Mission


Mission Details A. Mission Aim
Respond to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures, which would help : – Enhancing carbon sinks in sustainably managed forests and other ecosystems; – Adaptation of vulnerable species/ecosystems to the changing climate; and – Adaptation of forest-dependant communities.

B. Mission Objectives
1. Increased forest/tree cover on 5 m ha of forest/non-forest lands and improved quality of forest cover on another 5 m ha (a total of 10 m ha) 2. Improved ecosystem services including biodiversity, hydrological services and carbon sequestration as a result of treatment of 10 m ha. 3. Increased forest-based livelihood income for 3 million forest dependent households 4. Enhanced annual CO2 sequestration of 50-60 million tonnes by the year 2020


Mission Details
C. Mission Outputs: 5mn ha quality improvement and 5mn ha new forest cover 1. Qualitative improvement of forest cover/ ecosystems in: – – – – – – – 1.5 m ha dense forests 3.0 m ha of degraded forests 0.4 m ha of grasslands 0.1 m ha of wet lands 1.8 m ha of scrub, mangroves, ravines, cold desert, shifting cultivation areas, abandoned mining area 0.2 m ha of urban peri urban 3.0 m ha of agro/social forestry; no cultivable land

2. Creating new forest cover through eco-restoration/afforestation

3. Improved livelihoods for about 3 million households 4. Community institutions manage forests under the Mission 5. Project area households adopt fuel wood efficiency and alternative RE devices


Mission Details D. Sub Missions and Cross-cutting Initiatives • • • • • • 5 Sub Missions (10 million ha) Improved fuel use Efficiency and alternative energy devices for some 3 million Households Livelihood enhancement: Provision of Rs 15-20 lakh for each village (30,000 villages) Corridors: Identification and working with an array of...
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