Green HRM

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1. Introduction
In recent years, one of the essential factors – Green management has been gaining a lot of attention on achieving the eco-friendly business in terms of both production and mind. First of all, the essay will seek to understand the importance of Green HRM and how it will affect the organization. A discussion will subsequently be put forth on the concepts of “Going-Green” at every functional area of HRM in order to assist organization in becoming sustainable in their business. Next, benefits of Green HRM as well as why some companies are still yet to greenify their business will be pointed out too. Lastly, some examples of recent cases and companies adopting Green HRM will be brought up as well.

2. Green Human Resource Management
Green HRM is the intersection of both HRM and environmental management where they meet and combine as one. People around the world are very much concerned about the environment these days and that is why even the profile of a ready fresh job applicant is changing. Injecting a high sense of awareness of the current issues based on social, political and environmental plays a huge role in sustainability now. Hence, employees not only need to be trained and educated, they need to also be inspired and increase their knowledge on environmental-related issues in order to carry corporation green management. On the other hand, according to Sudin (2011), there are not much literature on scopes, direction and standards on the HR aspects of environmental management available. However, based on the early researches (Renwick et al., 2008., Jackon et al, 2011., Huffman et al., 2009 and Wehrmeyer, 1996) contributed, they can be distinguished in consideration of training, recruiting, management in performance and appraisal, and more. 3. “Green” in Different Aspect of HRM

3.1 Recruiting
Green recruitment is eco-friendly by the use of a paper-free recruitment procedure with minimal environmental impact. For instance, using social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIN to recruit potential candidates (Caers and Castelyns, 2010). Online mediums such as email and e-application forms are used to invite applicants. Interviewing over the phone or video-based like Skype are also made possible to minimize travel-related environmental impact. There are many reasons why companies choose to adopt this trend. Firstly, company’s recruiting leverage can be enhanced only when it is environmental friendly. Secondly, as Gen Y incorporate knowledge of the environment and recycling since school days, they assess almost everything in the view point of their green mindset. Thirdly, employees and even job applicants now tend to monitor the environmental credentials of a company before accepting the job offer. They want to work in an organization that integrates both business and the environment (Cherian and Jacob, 2012). 3.2 Training and Development

Providing the necessary training is to make sure that employees incorporate the knowledge and skills needed to complete their tasks (Cherian and Jacob, 2012). The purpose of such training is where the importance of environment is emphasized – Value statements where corporate values, goals and objectives including environmental elements are taught. Using advanced technology like computers, internet, email, websites and more to train the employees by bringing them the awareness of environment in terms of reducing tree cuttings and paper work. Allow employees to gain more knowledge about the in-house products that are environmentally friendly. Role plays, group discussions and seminar events are organized to gain more awareness about greenness and the importance of supporting the firm’s initiatives of Going Green. This will allow employees to think of ways on how they can contribute to the effort. Encourage employees to familiarized and bring the company’s Going Green concepts to their personal life. Such can be beneficial for everyone. Conduct an annual Going...
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