Green House Effect Experiment

Topics: Earth, Venus, Greenhouse effect Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect is the effect of heat in the atmosphere which is causing more problems in the earth. The gases in the atmosphere, warmth from the sun would rebound back into space. Lot of gas in the air causes a large amount heat to be engrossed into the atmosphere also the heat of the sun’s energy warmth the world’s atmosphere. This Enhanced Green House effect experiment is to demonstrate that earth's heat may be increasing because of the atmosphere in earth. The equipment that I used are two plastic jars one with lid and the other one without lid, soil, two thermometers, lamp with two bulbs, and the log sheet. The methods that used in the experiment-

* I set up the two plastic jars one with the lid and the another one without lid * Filled the Jars with the same amount of dried granular soil * Tape the thermometers inside the plastic jars, before place the thermometers have to check that the sum of the temperature is equal. * Then cover one of the plastic jar with its lid.

* Place both jars in front of the lamp in the equal distance * Record the temperatures of the two thermometers every ½ hour that was place inside the jars. At the beginning of this temperature record, the measurement errors occur in this result of the experiment. Like that the temperature of the jar without lid was higher than the temperature of the jar with lid. The mistake I made was that I didn’t place the jars equal distance in front of the lamp. Then I started to measure again from the beginning. The final result of this experiment:

Time(pm)| Jar 1 ( Temperature)Without Lid | Jar 2 (Temperature)With Lid| Weather Condition| 1:00-1:30| 21°C | 25°C | Warm|
1:30-2:00| 23°C | 29°C | Sunny|
2:00-2:30| 27°C | 30°C| Sunny|
2:30-3:00| 29°C| 33°C | Sunny|
3:00-3:30| 29°C | 34°C | Sunny |

As a result of this table, I was able to observe and visualize that when the jar has the lid wide open the...
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