Green Healthcare: Revisiting Healthcare for Sustainable Future.

Topics: Waste, Medicine, Health care Pages: 14 (4980 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Green Healthcare: Revisiting Healthcare For Sustainable Future. Abstract:
Green Healthcare: Revisiting Healthcare For Sustainable Future.

Keywords: Green healthcare, Sustainable medicine, Green architecture

The Hippocratic oath preaches “First, Do no harm”. Are they not really causing inconvenience to anyone while doing good to the patients? The health care services accomplish an indebted job in treating illness. But it cannot be excluded from the list of segments that disturb the divine environment. Dependence on pharmaceutical and high-technology-based medicine shells momentous degree of pollution. Thus healthcare poses a noteworthy menace to the healthy environment. So it is the time for the healthcare to tighten belts to preserve the environment. Hitherto healthcare needs something afar Hippocratic oath. The so called Teleosis oath emerges beyond the Hippocratic oath motivating the healthcare professionals to “do more good”. “Healthcare” has to be revisited and remodeled as “Green healthcare”. Medicine should take a new shape and emerge as Sustainable Medicine that identifies the link between the environment, medicine and human health and seeks to provide better health care while protecting our limited environmental and medical resources. Objective of the research: The objective of the paper is to unravel the need to revisit the health care to emerge as Green healthcare, identify the role of green healthcare in paving a way for sustainable future and to explore how sustainable medicine is an inextricable link between human health and environment. Methodology: Primary research is conducted by contacting the famous healthcare providers to find out the green practices they are adopting. Secondary research explores the process of building Green architecture (Eco-design), process of disposing the waste, energy conservation, water conversation, pollution prevention, neutralizing the emissions of the medical equipment and green pharmacy. Application of the research work: The outcome of the research work can be used as a guide by the healthcare service providers to shape themselves as green healthcare service providers.

Revisiting Healthcare for Sustainable Future.
Jyothsna Priyadarsini. K

According to Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s report, 'Healthcare in India: Emerging market report 2007' the gorgeous Indian healthcare sector has been escalating swiftly and projected to be worth US$ 40 billion by 2012 and it contributes for 5.2 % of the GDP, faming itself as the third largest growth segment in India. B. HOW HEALTHY IS INDIAN HEALTHCARE!!!!!!!!

The vision of Fortis Healthcare speaks "To create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care". Similarly, other healthcare players too have a vision and mission of serving the patient community. According to OPPI 2000 Estimates, India has 5, 03,900 doctors, 7, 37,000 nurses, 162 medical colleges, 143 pharmacy colleges and 3, 50,000 chemists. There are 15,097 hospitals accounting for 8, 70,161 hospital beds in India. The health care professionals do a good job in diagnosing and treating illness and assuaging pain and suffering. However, its dealings with the environment have a ways to go. The veracity of prevalent environmental deterioration and the incidence of environmental health perils in many facets of our everyday life put forth a noteworthy and mounting challenge to human health. Unpredictably, the traditional medical practices and methods have positively taken a role in the degradation of the environment. For example, Indian healthcare expels approximately three million tons of medical wastes every year and the amount is expected to grow at eight per cent annually (According to “Managing bio-medical waste”, Issue 16-31 April 2001, Express healthcare management). Embracing the pharmaceutical and high-technology-based...
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