Green Essay

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Sun Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: August 23, 2010
Save our planet go green!

By: Allan Marin


The light from the sun is very important for us because it helps the plants on earth get energy. Because with out it the plants will not make oxygen for the people on this earth. Our oxygen is very important because we need it to stay alive. Carbon dioxide is very important because it helps the plants stay alive and the plants make the carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Global warming is something that heats up the planet it makes it hard for animals to live because water evaporates. Global warming happens every where and as it dose in Antarctica it makes it hard for penguins to live their because the ice is melting very fast. I see my self training for the job solar cell installer because I think that the solar cell installer is a very important job because it helps people so that they don't have to pay for using energy. I think that that job is all ready green enough so that's why I think that I will be training for this job. Our planet has many green jobs. For example there is a job called Fossil Preparer a Fossil Preparer is a person that works for Private Industries, they may work for Museums, or also University's to expose fossils covered by rocks or soil, or to construct missing fossil parts. Another job that is green is at Aquariums. In all the Aquariums they take care of the animals they study them to make sure the animals are not sick or if they are hurt. One last green job that I am going to talk about is Solar Panel Installer's so many people need solar cells on their roofs so we can conserve energy.

Fossil Prepare is a type of green job that takes place on University's or Museums. The Fossil...
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