Green Enginnering

Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Green Engineering
The people civilization develops rapidly in XXI century, and the results of this progress effect on environment in a negative way and it is gaining more turn. However, in order to deal with problem of environment pollution, green engineering was made. These kinds of engineers try to reduce the emission of their product, develop devices that consume less electricity, in other words, their work is development of devices, which can be suitable for people’s progress and for environment conservation. The most hazardous for environment are emission from vehicles and factories, waste disposal and deforestation, which consequences is air and water pollution, temperature changing, extinction of animals. In order to deal with these problems, several methods and technologies were invented. This journal is going to analyze the two methods of green engineers, which are possible solutions for reducing the negative impact on nature. The contamination of air can negatively effect on people health, damage agricultural industry, reduce invisibility in air. As solution “Wet scrubbers” were offered. This technology is used in a big electricity factories, metallurgy industries and acid plants. The destination of this technology is remove pollutant from flue gasses. The advantages are that it can neutralize corrosive gasses, and handle with high temperature or explosive gasses with minimal risk. Moreover, when it absorbs the gas, the dust collets in the same devices, which make it easier to work with Wet Scrubber. However, the technology cannot be ideal, the negative sides of scrubber are possible corrosion problem and liquid scrubbing can pose water pollution problem. The CO2 emission is long time problem, as all actions made by human has emission. However, it is not possible to stop it, but we can slow down it, by using sample methods. One of them is hybrid or electric cars. It is obvious that people today cannot live without cars, and every car is harmful for...
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